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September 8, 2014

It was a wonderful time in Chillicothe. It was a very good time. I saw people that haven’t seen our show for 20 years and more. Some one had a pictures of me when I was 26 years old. She had been a fan for all these years.
What can I say to some one who has been so loyal to the band. I’d love to get to know her and tell her how much it meant to me to have a fan like her. I feel like my life is coming back in a circle. It had me thinking of all the places we’ve been.
We started here in Peoria which is not far from Chillicothe. It was about 36 years ago we started in a Pizza Place in town. We went from there to a large hall farther from the city. It had a large over all room with different stairs to the balconies.
Before we started the show we always had BBQ from a famous rib house. I don’t remember the name. But they had great ribs. The next place was down town. It was a strip joint that they were hoping to make into music club. It had a run way that went into the audience, that was fun. Next to that was a rock club. It was a loud jumping thing that was a party-all night place that sometime spilled into the street. We couldn’t wait to play there. There was nothing like chugging beer and raising hell with the crowd. I have to say most of my time playing at these places and parting like hell was some of the best times of my life.
Someone asked me what was the best place I played. Well there was some places that was where better than others, but most where down home jumping rock house’s. They let us express ourselves in the best way. But we really had fun at Vanessa Fest. We did a few of those. Ravina, The Il. County Fair ground. One time my friends and I drove or motor cycles to the gig from Chicago.
The year Mars was closeist to the earth, I brought my telescope to Vanessa Fest. We where out in the field different people pearing through the eye piece, watching a different world. Then we got on stage and played late in the night under the stars. Yes I had very good times there. I hope to go back. Until then I love you guys. You make me feel at home. I also love that you bring the kids. Nothing like bringing in new fan.
Also thank you my friends who came with me. love you guys too. Vanessa

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