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We’re Back

October 12, 2016

When you’ve been together as long as the band has, you get to know each other well. You love each one of your guys, and respect what they can do with the music and with their lives. I call the Band ” My Guys”. We have nick names for each other, and ways that we enter act that even the wives don’t understand.

Being that close we worry about each other and pray that we will all be in good heath. But this year some of us have had a little bit of heath problems. Most people know that I have MS but I have been in good heath. Dick had a heart attack, but he looks great now. There are the other problem with heath with other members of our group, wife’s, friends. But, even that is getting better. I got to tell you ” Getting Old is a Bitch”, but we are riding high with the youth in music.

But I have always wanted to be an old black blues lady. Now I am. But I refuse to act old. I love to dance to the music. I love drinking with the fans. I want to be more active with the guys on stage. Dickie V comes out more on stage and it is great. His’ searing gutiar is out of site.

My man Doug has gotten a little grayer around the hair line, but you coudn’t tell it by the way he plays sax. His sax adds to the Solo sections and rythum lines like they are married. And lets not forget Scott Grube. The man’s finger move like a swift wind blowing full clear tones.

Holding all this together is our rythum section. Mark Duran, beating, smacking, tapping and slamming the drums in rythum with the bass. Now that brings me to last but not lest Russel. He has been with this band for more that 20 years. He was in the sound, making sure you and the band got the sound you wanted. He  worked with the gutiars, making sure the tuning and sound was just right with it. Now he is the bass player. He buts the same enthusiasum in his playing as he has in his past jobs with the band. His late wife was in our back round vocals. This has made us a famly band.

We have partied our way through almost 4 decades of fun. We just played the Ill. Blues Festival in the wonderful city of Peoria. We loved being on main stage. Now we are about to do it again at Fiztgrealds. Come on out and be a part of it. Come dance sing the songs you all know, plus new songs we have just writen. It is time to party again with the Vanessa Davis Band!

November 26. 2016   9:00 pm

6615 Roosevelt RD. Berwyn Ill. 60402





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